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November 27th - 30th- Holiday Closing

December 7th- Black Belt Ceremony
          *No regular classes*

December 19th - Board Breaking
December 21st - Promotions
          (1p & 2p- Belt split TBD)

December 24th - January 2- Holiday Closing

*For a copy of our current class schedule please click here* 


Balanced Martial Arts first was located on New Rochelle Road in Bronxville, opening its door in 2001. After many years we moved to our larger facility in Eastchester in 2010. Now we are proud to teach students from many of our surrounding communities such as Pelham, New Rochelle, Tuckahoe, Mount Vernon and Yonkers.

With classes 7 days a week, we are proud to offer our students the best schedule of classes in all of Westchester. Whether you pick up your daughter from Bronxville School at 2:45, your son gets off the bus from Tuckahoe at 3:30, or your son walks home from a Pelham after 3, we will 1 or 2 classes for you to make every day of the week.

Most importantly, the instruction you receive once you get here is second to none. We a committed to our students success in martial arts and every aspect of their lives. Most people think Karate is about punching and kicking. Maybe jujitsu is about throwing? But our martial arts program teaches character first, and the end result is fantastic martial artists and people.

Learning how to overcome adversity in training translates to overcoming obstacles in school and life. Our roster of black belts includes Salutatorians from Tuckahoe , Science award winners from Pelham, Captains of teams in Scarsdale, National Leadership Award winners from New Rochelle and Eastchester. The list goes on and on, as a matter of fact we have a whole book of them we are producing!

We hope to get to meet you soon, so please give us a call so we can find out more about you and your family’s needs.